The Detection Method Of The Right And Wrong Wiring Of The Switch Socket


The detection method of the right and wrong wiring of the switch socket

In the actual construction, there is a great possibility of the switch socket wiring error. Therefore, in addition to strictly implementing the regulations of neutral line n with light blue wire, ground line with green / yellow double color wire, phase line U (LI), V (L2), w (L3) with yellow, green and red wire, it is also necessary to carefully and scientifically check after wiring. In addition to strictly implementing the regulations on phase and color discrimination during construction, the key point is to use the socket checker to conduct full inspection and open the socket (generally spot check according to 10% proportion) to check the wire connection quality.

The wiring of switch socket should not only be correct, but also reliable. According to relevant standards, the terminal block of the socket shall be able to reliably connect one or two 1 - 2.5mm (1oa socket) One point five - 4mm (15a socket) Two point five - 6mm (25a socket), 4-8mm (40a socket).

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