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Switches can either be turned on and off manually or can be under automatic control, depending on the intended application. Switches are used in any circuit that requires interaction or control by a user or an automatic control mechanism.

electirc wall switch

Types of Switches

Pushbutton switches are manual switch mechanisms usually made of plastic or metal with an easily handled shape for the human hand or finger to push or press.

Rotary switches have rotating shafts attached to a terminal and are able to make or break a current connection to one or more terminals. These types of switches are used in electronics where there are often different options for switch positions, such as with switches that control the speed of a cooling fan, or the band selector on a radio.

Rocker switches are named similarly for rocking horses, in that one side of the switch is raised while the other is depressed. These are often seen on surge protectors and power supplies.

Slide switches have a sliding mechanism that allows movement to multiple on or off positions without needing to cut or splice wire. These are best used for the control of smaller currents.

Snap Action switches are named for the rapid speed at which they can open or close an electrical circuit. These devices require to take little force to operate and their speed is assisted by the use of mechanical springs.

Toggle switches are another manual type of switch that consists of two “arms” with an elbow-like pivot that allows switching between on and off positions. Toggle switches are commonly encountered when switching lights on and off.

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