What does European socket mean? Installation method of European socket?


What does European socket mean? Installation method of European socket

(1) European socket, also known as European standard socket, is a socket type different from domestic socket, mainly applicable to major European countries. European socket is a kind of

Socket converter is the so-called conversion socket in electrical engineering. One side is the plug called male, and the other side is the socket called female, which is a kind of overseas travel

Electrical products needed for operation.

Features of European socket

1. With exquisite and beautiful appearance, smooth luster, comfortable feel and convenient carrying, it is the best companion for people traveling, business, studying abroad, etc. Make your portable electrical equipment in Europe

The electricity use in all countries is unimpeded, realizing the true global connection.

2. The double-flat pin part can be freely rotated into parallel Chinese/American/Japanese pin or eight-shaped Australian pin according to the use needs.

3. Jack part: it is a universal socket, which can accept different pins (plugs) from all countries in the world; There is a special safety door at the jack to prevent accidental electric shock and ensure the use of

Household personal safety! It is also equipped with anti-surge and lightning protection devices to ensure the safety of laptops, mobile phones and other electrical appliances. Superior phosphor bronze is selected as socket copper. Strong elasticity

The conductivity is better than any brass.

4. Current and voltage: 10A, 250V; This product can handle 110-250V standard voltage without voltage transformation function.

5. Turn the marked plastic ring until the arrow is aligned with the EURO mark. When the arrow is opposite the EURO mark, the plug is ready for use. Without

When using, turn the marked plastic ring until the arrow returns to its original position. The plug will automatically retract into the housing.

(2) Installation method of European socket

1. Clear the site

First, remove the protective cover on the steel bottom box, and then clean the debris around the installation hole to make it in good contact with the ground after installation.

2. Anti-corrosion treatment

If the floor covering material is not completely dry, it is easy to produce weathering reaction. Therefore, the concrete around the socket hole is not completely dry. It is impossible to install the upper cover

of Before installing the upper cover, anti-corrosion coating shall be applied around the opening to avoid corrosion caused by weathering reaction.

3. Grounding

When installing the grounding socket, connect the top cover to the ground wire and connect it to the rear box.

4. Upper cover fixing

Finally, screw down the upper cover and bottom box.

The above is the introduction and installation method of European socket

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