How to fix the switch when it is broken


1. If the power switch is damaged, you can use a multimeter to detect whether there is a problem with each component. For example, a short circuit is prone to occur. At this time, check the voltage port of each output to see whether its resistance is normal and whether the resistance value is within the normal range. If damaged, it needs to be replaced.

2. If there is damage, you should also determine its resistance value, and directly measure the resistance at both ends of the AC power cord with a multimeter. If the resistance value is too low, it means that there is a short circuit inside. In some cases, the capacitor is damaged, and the capacitor should be replaced accordingly.

3. Sometimes because the fuse is burned out, it is necessary to check the internal conditions of the power switch. For example, if the PC board is burnt or damaged, the original circuit must be replaced accordingly. In addition, if there is damage, you can smell whether there is a burning smell inside, disconnect the power supply, and replace the circuit board.

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