The Power Switch


To determine the quality of switch sockets, appearance is one aspect, but not the most important. The internal quality directly determines the safety and service life of the what is the function of the power switch? 

1.What are the advantages of the power switch?

1) The electronic tube consumes very little kinetic energy on the switching power supply, and the efficiency is very high, so the actual effect of environmental protection and energy saving is very good.

2) When running, you can choose the appropriate working mode according to the actual needs.

2. What is the function of the power switch?

Its function is to convert the independent quasi-voltage and structure into the AC or voltage required by the customer in different ways. It does this by changing the way the tubes are opened and fully sealed. These two methods have low energy consumption and do not last long, so they can save a lot of electricity and energy and reduce the generation of exhaust gas.

High conversion rate, small size and light weight are the biggest advantages of power switches.

3. What is the standard for the operation of the power switch?

1. The current it derives must be direct current, not alternating current.

2. Electronic components must maintain a high-frequency state during operation, and stay still very close to a low-frequency state.

4. What are the common faults of common power switches?

1. The fuse is burned out. At this point, you should first interrogate the basic components on the board to find out where the burnout is, and then test the resistance. This way you can find the cause of the burnout and replace the damaged parts and fuses.

2. There are fluctuations in the voltage derived. First, use a digital multimeter to check whether the voltage value of the original components of the transformer is maintained at 380V. If it is lower than this value, the control board of the switching power supply needs to be replaced.

3. If the power load characteristics of the switch are reduced, it is necessary to check whether the voltage of the diode is stable. If there are fluctuations, you need to check whether the spot welding on the board occurs or connects. If present, all spot welds will need to be welded again.

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