How does a Two Way Switch Work


  One of the simple yet interesting connection diagrams that young engineers learn in their lab is the staircase lighting connection set-up. Perhaps most of us might have already used it without paying much attention to how it works. Staircase lighting at home or at any other place for that matter is normally done with something called a two way switch. 

   Now, there are many different types of switch in the market, and few of them directly be used for two way connection without any special two way wiring connections.  But in this tutorial, we will show you how to make 2-way switch wiring with normal household switches. A 2-way switching connection means you can control electrical equipment like bulb by two switches placed at different places, generally used in the staircase. Two way switch can be operated from any of the switch independently, means whatever be the position of other switch(ON/OFF), you can control the light with other switch.

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