material of wall switches


1. Base

Imported reinforced nylon: good insulation, strong rigidity, impact resistance, corrosion resistance, no deformation under high temperature, to ensure that the internal components never fall off.

Recycled PC material: weak impact resistance, heat resistance and easy deformation.

Common synthetic plastics: easy to aging, flammable and easy to deform.

2. Panel:

Abs: low grade engineering plastics, easy to change color, low strength.

PC material: strong impact resistance, heat resistance, high transparency.

Calcium carbide powder: flame-retardant, never change color, never wear, strong thermochemistry.

electirc wall switch

3. Switch current carrier (copper sheet)

Brass: its hard, slightly weak elasticity, medium conductivity, bright yellow.

Tin Phosphorus Bronze: hard, good elasticity, conductivity better than brass, red yellow.

Red copper: slightly soft, elastic, high conductivity, purple red.

16A UK type switch

4. Switch contact

Pure silver: low resistance, soft texture, low melting point, easy to oxidize, easy to produce arc, burn wire or switch components, resulting in poor power on.

Silver alloy: low resistance, wear-resistant texture, high melting point, oxidation resistance, comprehensive performance is superior to pure silver.

5. Switch tap

Self lubricating type: nylon, material hard wear-resistant, self lubrication, effectively reduce friction.

Common reinforced nylon: a long time, there is a phenomenon of astringent band, the increase of friction force leads to the silver point melting off, the current carrying capacity decreases.

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